Monday, October 18, 2010

The idealistic man vs the rational man vs the robot

I am an idealistic man

filled with ideas to change the world

Deep inside me there is rage

A rage that wants to erupt

And change the world

But this world has changed me now

A change that i fear the most

Now i am the rational man

Trying to fit in this world

Work, socialize, eat, sleep, earn

Thats all i got now

Without ideas a man is almost dead

but for a rational man

that is the idea to live without an idea

killing your dreams

But life has changed even more

Robot i am now

I just follow orders

Ideas are a thing of the past

Work hard,Work hard, work hard

is what i do now

But deep inside me

there is still the idealistic man

He calls me everyday

I ignore him

His voice has weakened now

But he is still there

And now i am a dead man

One with the earth

Dust to dust,ashes to ashes

So which one are you now?

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