Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want to be a superhero

I long for that day
When I'll keep the goons at bay
Big muscles, six feet tall and a deep voice
I got all my choice

People would say" Here he comes
To save us from the scums".
Bang!Bang!Bang! I do my show
Damn!Damn!Damn! and people all glow

Samaritans I help
And satans they yelp
My name is Ferrero
And I am the hero

At last I have my say
To keep the goons at bay
Tight fitting clothes and a mask I wear
Never in my life I have had those apparels I swear

Punch, kick, somersault
And they all halt
I rescue the dame
And ask her her name?
But she's so cold
She says "Ferrero don't be so bold"
For the deed
I did
Not even a kiss
Oh that I miss

Then suddenly from the vicinity
A thunderous roar in all of profanity
I wake up and look at the mirror
And I am stunned by the horror
I am no superhero
All but I am a zero

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