Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creamy vista (Haiku)

a hint of orange
filled with flakes of creamy white
evening sky sings song

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take me to that world

Take me to that world
Where I can be what I want
Where the things I imagine come to life
Where minds connect and resonate as one
Where anger, corruption and sorrow are unknown
Where peace, prosperity and happiness are only known
Where even nature knows only to hum
Where will I find such a dream world?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lost amidst the crowd of a billion
Lost everything and nowhere to go
I cower in the shadows of darkness

What did I do to get it wrong?
I was an innocent child
And now I lost my innocence too

Seasons come and go
Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Lost the zeal to feel them too

A cigarette in my left and a pen in my right
That is all I have now
And I wish to pass this night alright

I want to be a superhero

I long for that day
When I'll keep the goons at bay
Big muscles, six feet tall and a deep voice
I got all my choice

People would say" Here he comes
To save us from the scums".
Bang!Bang!Bang! I do my show
Damn!Damn!Damn! and people all glow

Samaritans I help
And satans they yelp
My name is Ferrero
And I am the hero

At last I have my say
To keep the goons at bay
Tight fitting clothes and a mask I wear
Never in my life I have had those apparels I swear

Punch, kick, somersault
And they all halt
I rescue the dame
And ask her her name?
But she's so cold
She says "Ferrero don't be so bold"
For the deed
I did
Not even a kiss
Oh that I miss

Then suddenly from the vicinity
A thunderous roar in all of profanity
I wake up and look at the mirror
And I am stunned by the horror
I am no superhero
All but I am a zero

I want to break free

I laugh, I live
Although I know
Something big is missing.

My whole existence
is fading away
into a dark abyss.

My own conscience
has been betrayed by me
every now and then.

Deep inside me
there is shame and remorse
but i cannot show it at all.

The shackles of reality
bind to me tightly
I want to break free.

All I ask for
Is one chance of freedom
Oh!Someone break me free.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The idealistic man vs the rational man vs the robot

I am an idealistic man

filled with ideas to change the world

Deep inside me there is rage

A rage that wants to erupt

And change the world

But this world has changed me now

A change that i fear the most

Now i am the rational man

Trying to fit in this world

Work, socialize, eat, sleep, earn

Thats all i got now

Without ideas a man is almost dead

but for a rational man

that is the idea to live without an idea

killing your dreams

But life has changed even more

Robot i am now

I just follow orders

Ideas are a thing of the past

Work hard,Work hard, work hard

is what i do now

But deep inside me

there is still the idealistic man

He calls me everyday

I ignore him

His voice has weakened now

But he is still there

And now i am a dead man

One with the earth

Dust to dust,ashes to ashes

So which one are you now?